Modern Pantry is part of a family owned and operated business that was established in 2002. The Modern Pantry family have made a home of many places all around the world including South America, South East Asia, the Pacific and New Zealand. Through their experiences, they came across trusted brands from all over the globe, that offered flavour, convenience and variety to their everyday meals and snacks. 

The Modern Pantry family have always been inspired to share more of their experiences from around the world in New Zealand. Their love for food was the perfect way to share culture, heritage and experiences that people cultivate across our beautiful planet.

The goal of Modern Pantry is to provide a platform for amazing, everyday products from around to world to reach New Zealanders, right at their doorstep. It also provides a great median to sample new products that aren't easily available in your local supermarkets.

We are always looking to extend our range with amazing new products that our customers can try and experience. If you're a brand owner that would like to list with us, we would love to hear from you.