Privacy Policy

Account and Application

Users are responsible for the confidentiality of their accounts, the security of the password, and for restricting the access to their account. If you are below 18 years of age, we request you to access this site with the guidance of a parent or a guardian. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse service and supply to any individual or company to cancel orders, to edit or remove specific content, and to terminate accounts that violate the guidelines. We also reserve the right to use the information provided to use through your account, to personalize our services and advertising.

Subscriptions and Mailing List

Our content advertising can be personalized based on the information your account provides. On a periodic basis, we make select portions of our mailing list available to verified and screened companies. As a result, you may end up on their mailing list as well. If you do not want your name and information disclosed thus, or if you do not wish to receive our catalogue, you can intimate us about the same by calling the number provided on the site, or emailing us. We will cause no further inconvenience, because we respect your privacy and preferences above all else.

Delivery and related charges

Most of the products will be dispatched within 5-6 working days. This is conditional to the availability of the product. In case of products that need to be imported, the time for delivery may vary according to the case. The delivery is also subject to local and national holidays, weekends, and unexpected delays. Delivery is normally free for orders over the specified monetary limit. We reserve the right to amend the free delivery policy, subject to a notification to our customers at least fourteen days in advance.

Offer Codes and Discount Coupons

Offer codes, discount coupons, and other free delivery perks shall continue to remain the property of House of International Brands. Codes specific to certain orders can only be used on those specific purchases, and cannot be used in combination or conjunction with other offers, if the conditions so deem it. Also, we reserve the right to withdraw a coupon subject to advance notice. Such codes, coupons and benefits are not transferable, and shall not be reproduced in any form or manner.

Returns and refunds

Products that are new and unused can be returned within the specified time limit. In case a return request is accepted, the customer making the return will be eligible for a full refund of the amount originally paid for the products. Any of the available methods for returning a product can be adopted by the customer. We will not bear the expenses for postage. However, certain specific products are not eligible to be returned. This will be mentioned alongside the product itself, before the checkout. Customers are advised to check the product’s eligibility for being returned before making a purchase.

Shipping to customers in other countries

If you are a customer residing in another country, they it is your responsibility to ensure that the products you order are in compliance with the import regulations of the government of New Zealand. Shipping to countries not belonging to the European Union involves custom fees. As far as our delivery to customers in New Zealand is concerned, they are all Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). This means that the amount paid by the customer is considered to be inclusive of delivery charges, duties, taxes, and clearance fees at customs, if any.

Prices of the products

All the prices and rates displayed on our site are in New Zealand Dollars. The rates quoted again the products may be altered upward or down, owing to circumstances which are either unexpected or out of our control. For instance, change in tax rates, or governmental regulations, may cause a change in product’s prices. Prices of products displayed on the website, and order from there, may differ from the prices in the store. We reserve the right to receive payment for the full amount once your order has been confirmed. However, we will not abuse this right and cause a grievance to our customers.

Description and Availability of Products

Out team of designers are extremely careful with the color reproduction and design replication aspects of the products on the website. However, color settings can vary from screen to screen, and there are also several other limitations to color configuration. This may result in a slight variation between the product displayed and the product delivered. Products are also subject to availability. In case we face supply difficulties, we reserve the right to substitute the product involved with another one of similar quality and value after notifying the customer, and subject to their acceptance of the substitution.

Modes of Payment

We accept all the generally used modes of payment, such as cash on delivery (restricted to select products), debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, EMI, and coupons. As far as credit cards are concerned, we do not accept cards that are due for expiry in five days or less. This is because that is the average time taken to process a payment request. Card details have to be checked and verified by another party, and only on receipt of authorization from the said party, the goods are dispatched for delivery.

Customer Grievances

In the event of any customer having a genuine grievance or problem, we can be contacted either by means of the email address given on our website, or the phone number provided therein. The lines are always open, twenty four hours a day.

Operation of Law

The terms and conditions as given above are governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with the English Law. All parties entering into contracts with us shall submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. All contracts so entered with us shall be crafted and concluded in the English language.